Booking Information

I would be delighted to visit your group, school, church or conference and can do so in person or on Skype.  To discuss this possibility, simply drop me an e-mail at or give me a call on 01988 402314 (UK Landline).

You can also connect with me by any of the other means available throughout the site or listed on my contact page.

In the meantime, I hope you will find the following questions helpful in your planning.

Think Through and Do:

  • What type of event are you planning?

Performance, workshop, special event, extended project, a combination or something bespoke- just for you

  • Who is/are the intended audience or participants?

Early years, children, teens, adults, mixed group; the size of the group, age range and abilities

  • What is the focus of your event?

Storytelling, puppetry, creative writing, life-writing or a combination

  • What is the theme?

Something I already do (see Stories) or something you would like me to do

  • What are the logistics of the event itself?

Date, time, location, venue and possible alternatives

  • What is the shape of the event?

Number of sessions, how long, in small groups or large

  • How will you ensure safety?

Risk assessment, on-site safety, child protection and disclosure
  • Who will provide adult supervision?

Adults/teachers who will be present, participate and engage in follow-up activities

  • How will you advertise the event and follow it up?

Press, posters, postcards, electronic and social media, word of mouth

  • How will you fund the event?

Create a budget, find and access available external funding if necessary

  •  Who will be the key contact:

Keep me informed; be present on site; provide me with invoice information, travel and accommodation (if necessary)




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