Parachute Fun for Everyone

A parachute can be a stormy sea, a mountain to climb or the journey to get there; a picnic on the beach or a desert discussion; a dash through the sea or a walk on the water.  It can be a stable, tent, temple, tomb or the belly of a whale.  It can be Noah’s big boat or Joseph’s colourful coat; the Samaritan woman’s well or Ezekiel’s wheel.  It can be a shipwreck or an island; a deep sea dive or Jacob’s simmering stew.  It can be a field for scattering seeds or the breeze that scatters them; the Holy Spirit moving over the water.

A parachute can tell the story of Creation, Advent, Easter, Pentecost and the Gospel.  It can be raised to the glory of God or lowered in prayer.

Do you have a parachute in your resource cupboard but don’t know what to do with it? Parachute Fun is the book for you!  It is packed with pick-and-mix activities for telling, teaching and worship.  It contains stories, songs, prayers, reflections and games.

Performance and Training: Invite Renita to tell a tale or ten with your group or train your team to use your parachute more effectively.



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