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  • Bear Tales & Critter Capers

    warm woodland tales and tunes with Renita Boyle. Shake your little tail with squirrely, learn why you should never stick your head in a little skunk’s hole and wish upon an acorn.
  • Birds, Bugs & Blooms

    Join Renita Boyle, Petal and pals, for an itsy bitsy bit of garden fun. Includes tales, tunes, games, quizzes and crafts.
  • Christmas Stories & Songs

    Christmas is a time for celebration! Meet Humphry the Camel and enjoy nativity stories from My Storytime Bible or a parachute ADVENTure complete with songs, games, crafts and activities.
  • Farmyard Yarns

    Farmyard tales, tunes and crafts with Renita Boyle. Sow some seeds with Farmer Friendly, Help Tom Farmer win the Tractor Factor, stick your beak in the air and waddle about your business.
  • Funky Folk & Fable

    Traditional tales with a twist. Oooo ain't that funky now!
  • Gingerbread Nativity

    Gingerbread fun for everyone
  • Hollows and Shadows

    Classic candlelit legends; creepy and comic. Perfect for foggy autumnal evenings and gatherings.
  • Jungle Fun

    Meet Toto Monkey, Twiga Giraffe, Boohoo Hippo and the rest of the gang. Popular Jungle Doctor tales by Paul White re-told with puppets (and kind permission).
  • Kingdoms & Creatures

    Join Renita Boyle and a few Kings, Queens, Princes and princesses, knights and a whole host of curious creatures.
  • My Storytime Bible

    Renita often combines themed stories from My Storytime Bible with Parachute Activities from Parachute Fun for Everyone. Ideal for Parent-Toddlers or Tiny Tale sessions; nurseries and school visits.
  • Night Lights & Lullabyes

    Nightlights & lullabyes. Ideal for bed time or any time a little calm is needed. Shhhhhh.
  • Parable Fun for Little Ones

    Ten popular parables re-told in rhyme and imaginatively explored. Renita Boyle can bring some Parable Fun to your group or you can use the resource to make some parable fun of your own.
  • Parachute Fun for Everyone

    Invite Renita to tell a tale or ten with your group or train your team to use your parachute more effectively.
  • Pirate Tales & Tunes

    Join Polly Parrot, Captain Cutlass and the rest of the crew as they search for the Littlest Bravest pirate who is searching for treasure. Set off on a perilous journey, sing a few shanties, make a map, find a message in a bottle and dig for gold.
  • Silly Songs & Tell Togethers

    Go a little crazy with Renita Boyle. Heart warming, crowd pleasing tell it together fun.
  • Travel Tales & Tunes

    Join Mr. Wiggle and Mr. Waggle, the Silliest Man in the Whole World and many other jet-setting journeymen. Who knows where we'll end up! Travel tales and tunes for busy bodies.
  • Viking Adventures

    Join the crew of the Fearsome Dragon and create a saga of your own along the way.
  • Weatherwise & Otherwise

    Tales, tunes and crafts focussed firmly on the weather of the skies and of the heart.
  • Zeros to Heros

    The Bible is full of real people, making real choices in really tough situations. Come and meet some of them; learn that zero is only a number and discover how we can all be heros in the making. Stories told by a variety of methods and means.


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