• I wished upon an acorn for another day just like this one.


  • Moth was funny! I never thought I'd meet a snoring elf with wings.


  • Magical mayhem every time.

    Mum of Angus and Archie

  • I still sing 'The Skunk Song' with an American twang! 

    Emma Kynaston, Teacher

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Bear Tales & Critter Capers


  • How do you wake a Moth?
  • Will Little Bunny ever get his carrots?
  • Just what is the Thing in the Pond?
  • Why are Bear, Loon and Walleye so unhappy?
  • What would you do in a little canoe?

Performance: warm woodland tales and tunes with Renita Boyle. Shake your little tail with squirrely, learn why you should never stick your head in a little skunk’s hole and wish upon an acorn.

Best for early primaries and families

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