• she put the book under her wing, her beak in the air and she waddled about her business.


  • I liked being Daisy the cow. It was good fun. Everyone had a laugh.


  • I really, really liked all the stories you told. I am going to write some.


  • I liked the jam the Farmer's wife made! The chickens were in the kitchen!


Farmyard Yarns


  • What's up with Betty Botter's Bread?
  • Will the Farmer's Wife ever get her jam made?
  • What does Mac MacDonald have on his farm?
  • How do you jig with a pig?

Farmyard tales, tunes and crafts with Renita Boyle.  Sow some seeds with Farmer Friendly, Help Tom Farmer win the Tractor Factor, stick your beak in the air and waddle about your business.




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