• This book is terrific. The gentle internal rhymes and the colourful illustrations combine to make a book that parents will love reading and children will love hearing.

    Bob Hartman, author and storyteller

  • I gave this book to a young brother and sister and it was read from cover to cover in a very short time. This bears witness to gifted storytelling in a way that connects with today's world.

    Pam Bellis

  • I liked the story of Jonah and I laughed when the big fish burped.

    Rufus, aged 5

  • What a fantastic book! The stories are concise and just the right length for young children. The children love it as do I.  A must buy!

    Lisa McIlwraith, Childminder

  • This book is a joy to read . . .biblical tales come to life. Goliath is described as the ‘mightiest frightiest giant’ and an impatient Noah says: ‘Ho, hum, sigh.’ A perfect book to read at bedtime and an absolute must for teachers.

    Sally Fraser, Church Times Books for Christmas 2011 Pg. 8

  • . . .uses playful words and fun rhymes.  The simple text is easy enough for Henry (age 6) to read independently. The pictures are engaging and Margaret loves looking through the book even when no one is there to read it to her.


  • We were thrilled to receive this book for review. A wonderful addition to the Easter basket for a young child.


  • It was good. There was boys and girls, and the kids in my class with Miss Lori liked it too. I thought the pictures were beautiful and I liked them.


  • It was pretty funny.  There was this little tiny fishing boat and this ginormous net filled with fish.


  • I particularly liked the idea of the widow's son helping her to knead the bread, and the mention that the donkey Jesus road into Jerusalem did not object to being ridden. . .though it had never been ridden before.

    Mary Bartholomew, GoodBookstall

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My Storytime Bible

Everyone loves an any time bedtime story.  My Storytime Bible has 68 little stories for little people to love.  Each one is written with rhythm, rhyme and repetition and a bit of quirky charm.  It is beautifully and delightfully illustrated by Melanie Florian.  

Ideal for ages 4-7 and those working with them in schools, churches and kids clubs.  It is also great for storytellers, teachers and ministers. 

Performance:  Renita often combines themed stories from My Storytime Bible with Parachute Activities from Parachute Fun for Everyone.  Ideal for Parent-Toddlers or Tiny Tale sessions; nurseries and school visits. 

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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