• amazing, wonderful, enthralling, crammed, absorbing,delightful, boredom busting, rhythmic, sensory. . .

    A happy teacher

  • an excellent resource. By the time you read 'How to Use this Book' you will be fired up with enthusiasm to get started.

    Mary Bartholomew, GoodBookStall

  • We never had compliments from parents who said their children were loving Sunday School until Parable Fun!

    Tulipbell, Amazon

  • Parable Fun is a fresh attractive resource. Sunday School never used to be so much fun.

    Blethers, Newsletter for the Scottish Storytelling Centre and Network

  • more than a resource. It is a gift! Off now to get some broad bean plants from the green house. Guess which parable I'm doing?

    Ceilia Burns, Sunday School teacher

  • I was amazed by how something so simple could be so effective. The kids were mesmerized!

    Jen Barge, Sunday School teacher

  • fabulous for students with additional support needs. ¬†Crammed full of sensory ideas appropriate for them all!

    Katie Leitch, Teacher

  • Thank you. It made the parables easier to understand and brought play back into Sunday mornings. Yippee!

    Sian Hancock, Bristol

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Parable Fun for Little Ones

  • Why is Billy Silly?
  • What are Mic and Mac building?
  • What did Jolly Molly find?
  • Where is Little Lamb?
  • Why is Grandma Guddle in a muddle?
  • Where is the Garden Gang going?
  • How will Farmer Friendly get her crops to grow?
  • Will Good Sammy come to the rescue?
  • What is Tom Farmer waiting for?
  • Will Tired Tim ever get any sleep?

Ten popular parables re-told in rhyme and imaginatively explored.  Renita Boyle can bring some Parable Fun to your group or you can use the resource to make some parable fun of your own.  

Includes songs, crafts, games, role play, snack ideas, prayer activities, memory verses and take home ideas.

Ideal for those who are approaching the age of five through to early primaries. 


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