• captivates audiences of children, teachers and parents alike.

    Olive Caldwell, Head Teacher

  • She had my students both dancing and singing. Getting this age group to wholly participate in a faux 'bagpipe band' was magical.

    Sixth Grade Teacher

  • Even before we reached the square I could hear excitement. I could hear Renita singing the songs she taught us to sing.


  • she left us all breathless with her almost flagrant rendition of I knew an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly!

    Sarah McIntyre, author and illustrator of You Can't Eat a Princess

  • I sang 'head, shoulders, knees and . . .bums' to my folks! They thought it was great and we all laughed!


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Silly Songs & Tell Togethers

  • Stick your head in a little skunk's hole
  • swallow a fly
  • sing nanananana
  • get the nikka bokka rhythm
  • shut the door on an alligator
  • take a ride in a little canoe 

. . . and go a little crazy with Renita Boyle. Heart warming, crowd pleasing tell it together fun.

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