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Weatherwise & Otherwise

The wind blew (wooooo), the lightening flashed (flish, flash), the thunder boomed (boom, boom), the rain fell (splish, splash) and the door opened . . .

Meet a very strange visitor, create some wild weather, make and take a 'monster' and explore your emotions.  

Tales, tunes and crafts focussed firmly on the weather of the skies and of the heart.  

Video Note:  

The Strange Visitor is a well loved Scottish Folk Tale.  It was first published in scots by Sir George Douglas (Scottish Folktales and Fairytales 1901).  This version has been further adapted (with permission) from that of Dianne De Las Casas (Scared Silly, 25 Tales to Tickle and Thrill) and continues to be increasingly embellished!  

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