Renita Boyle

Writer, Artist, Storyteller


Telling tales and stories


‘She has everyone eating out of her hand, jumping up and down to order and silent in an instant.’

Kenny Barr, Carin Entertainment


‘. . . a warm hearth; an utterly enriching, life affirming experience.’

Joyce Cochrane, The Old Bank Bookshop


‘mesmerising, spell binding, intriguing, delightful, playful, lulling.’

Miller Caldwell


‘Painting is silent poetry . . . poetry is painting that speaks’



‘She persuaded us to participate in ways we never thought we would.’



Honk! Honk! Rattle! Rattle! a comic camping caper with a quirky crew of kids and critters in a campervan!

Renita Boyle and Mike Abel

About Renita

Tale-telling, tongue-twisting troubadour; poet, artisan, memoir mentor – in your school, at your event, at your group at your service.


‘Arguably the most enthusiastic storyteller ever.  Her boundless energy leaves everyone breathless’. Kenny Barr, Cairn Entertainment


‘. . . a remarkable powerball of imagination and inventiveness, who can keep young audiences spellbound and older listeners thinking.’ Norman Stone. 1A Productions


Gathering together, telling our own stories, peeping into the memories of others, capturing what is vanishing, hearing other perspectives, tools to get you writing, support to keep you going. What a wonderful experience. Charlotte Bennie


Verbal and written exploration of memoir in story & poetry.


 ‘The world is a canvas to those with imagination.’ Henry David Thoreau


‘Charmingly disarming. Totally put us at our ease. She gave us skills and confidence to tell stories and a greater appreciation of storytelling as an art.’


Picture books, resources and art

Beautiful Stories warmly told.

The Power of Word

Stories! Pen to paper, ear to ear or heart to heart – stories help us to laugh and cry; express joy and give voice to grief. They bring healing and clarity, understanding and decisiveness. They can help us honour the past, have courage in the present, and move us forward.

To this day I sing ‘Little Bunny Fu Fu’ and ‘The Skunk Song’ with an American twang!

Emma Kynaston


Amazing energy. What a wiggler! I wish I could take her everywhere I go!

Ian Whybrow

Author of Harry and the Dinosaurs

I was seven when I first heard Renita tell stories. I remember them to this day!

Ruth Hart

Deafblind Communicator

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