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Renita Boyle is ‘joyous . . . totally in touch with her inner-child, who just happens to be about 5 ½.’  Fiona Cameron, author

She regularly writes and performs poetry in her capacity as an oral storyteller and her Funky Folk and Fable collection of oral stories is a huge hit with audiences of all ages.

Honk! Honk! Rattle! Rattle! (illustrated by Mike Abel) is the first of these to hit print. It is a Comic Camping Caper with a Quirky Crew of Kids and Critters in a Campervan.

Not a Cloud and the Sky and Time for Bed Bible are popular choices for RME.

She also writes resources. Parachute Fun (which is now out of physical print but will soon be released as an e-book) and the upcoming Tell Together Tales- Fifty Bible Tell Togethers for All Ages.


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