Renita Boyle ~ Day 20 NaPoWriMo Posted in faith, children

Come early to the tomb with Mary,

Before the light of day,

Come with all of your sorrow

And see the stone is rolled away!


Run and tell Peter and John!

Run all the way from the tomb.

‘They’ve taken his body from where it lay

And left an empty room!’


Run as fast as you can with Peter.

Run faster yet with John.

Peek in and see the grave-clothes

but where has Jesus body gone?


Step into the tomb with Peter.

Look around everywhere.

The cloth which had been on Jesus head

Is folded up on its own with care.


John is now beside Peter

understanding what Jesus had said

believing now, with his own eyes,

That Jesus would rise from the dead.


Will you go home with Peter and John,

Or stay with Mary- outside the tomb?

See how she weeps and stoops again, 

looking into the empty room.


Can you see two angels sitting

Where Jesus head and feet used to be?

They are dressed in white and saying

‘Mary, why do you weep?’


She is speaking through her sobs

‘Someone has taken my Lord away!

I don’t know where they’ve taken him

Or where his body lay!’


Turn around with Mary.

Who is standing there?

She thinks it the gardner,

but it is Jesus coming near.


‘Why are you crying?’ he asks.

‘Who are you looking for?’

‘Oh sir,’ she replies, ‘Have you taken him?

Where can I find my Lord?’


Come early to the tomb with Mary.

Hear Jesus whisper her name.

Hear her reply ‘Oh Rabbi!,’

in a whisper just the same.


Come early to the tomb with Mary

Before the light of day

Come with all of your sorrow

And see the stone is rolled away!



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