Renita Boyle ~ Day 12 NaPoWriMo Posted in children

With the cow who bellows ‘moo’

with the kitten’s purring ‘mew’

with the ‘clucking’ of the hen

and the ‘warble’ of the wren


With ‘clippity-clop’ of horse’s hooves

with the dog’s ‘woof- rrr- woof’

with the ‘buzzing’ of the bees

and the ‘honki honking’ of the geese


With the rooster’s ‘cock – a – doodle – doo’

with the monkey’s ‘ooo-ooo-ooo’

with the ‘pip’ of prairie dog

and the ‘ribbit’ of the frog


With the duck’s ‘quack, quack, quack’

and the parrot’s ‘yackety-yack’

with the ‘whir’ of lady bird

and pounding beat of buffalo herd


With the grizzly’s grizzly ‘grrrowl’

and the lonely wold who ‘howls’

with the owl’s ‘hoo-hoo-hoot’

with the ‘snort’ of piggy’s snoot


With the lion’s fiercesome ‘ROAR’

and the ‘squeek’ mouse below the floor

with the munching of the moth

and the scuffle of the sloth


With the whale as whale song sings

with the ‘swoosh’ of eagle’s wings

with the silence of the snail

and the ‘slap’ of beaver’s tail


With the donkey’s brash ‘ hee-haw’

with the ‘snap’ of crocodiles’s jaws

with the firefly’s fizzing ‘flash’

and the dolpin’s playful ‘splash’


With the ‘whoosh’ of jelly fish

and the bat’s low flying ‘swish’

with the snake’s ‘s-s-slither’

and the shuffling caterpillar


With the turkey’s ‘gobble-gobble’

and the fish who ‘blub, blub, blubble’

with the marching of the ants

and the trumpeting elephants


With the peacock’s cry for ‘help’

and the fox’s piercing ‘yelp’

with the chewing of the goat

and the gulp of pelican’s throat


With the sheep who bleats and ‘baas’

and the cackling crow’s ‘caw caw’s

with the racoon’s ‘chitter chaatter’

and the possum’s pitter-patter


On mountains high, in oceans deep

With things that fly and things that creep

With all creation I lift my voice

I lift my voice and I rejoice!


Renita Boyle


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