Renita Boyle ~ Day 15 NaPoWriMo 2014 Posted in northwoods, tuesdays, fall, moments, seasons

‘Sigh ~ a long, deep, audible breath . . .’


a slight breeze in little trees

a nibble of bark

an exhale of mist

a groan of leaves lying deep in the woods

the weightless touch of a feather

a handful of unspent sorrows

a tumble of small blossoms quivering in the dew

a lingering absence

the hoot of an owl

a tuft of mood and memory

quiet tones of umber

damp needles and slumber

a stream tasting of moss and stories

a sweet ache of lost blue

a blush of birdsong

a restless gust of crows

a faint breath of homeless wind

short days and long moments

an echo of stag battleĀ 

the footprints of a fox

a keening of hilltop

a whisper of questioning

a littlen lichenĀ 

a rotting log

the wing of a butterfly clinging to its days

an ember of moon in the hush of the evening

a tang of tree sap and woodsmoke

a swirl of sodden petals

a whisp of fern

a psalm of lament

deep, long starlight

last summer’s nest

a not-yet-snowfall nightfall

a sifting of cones under pines

a small dream

a sacred seeking

an air of longing

yearning for the person I know myself to be.


Renita Boyle


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